I started Pilates on the recommendation from multiple Physiotherapists to help strengthen my core after years of significant lower back pain. Whilst I ended up having spinal surgery, I found Pilates and more specifically Helen, to be essential both pre and post-surgery. The level of support and professionalism that Helen has provided has been crucial to my recovery and ongoing strength training, while in a fun environment. I’ll definitely be continuing Pilates to help avoid any future surgery!

- Lauren, Ponsonby

I had a bad back and some deteriorating joints, making movement painful. I started at True Pilates having private lessons. I am strong but my posture and muscle condition needed help.
With my one on one lessons and my personalised program, I improved and maintained better health for a couple more years. However my arthritis and scoliosis was too severe and I had major back surgery and a knee replacement.
After recovery, I went straight back to True Pilates as I knew it is a good way to regain length and strengthen my core muscles. Using the apparatus, especially the Reformer and Cadillac gave me the support I needed. I could make adjustments to areas on my body to help move more evenly. My instructors eye on me told me where I needed to make adjustments to my body as I moved.
I usually finish a session in front of the ceiling to floor mirror standing to help correct my posture and length, then take a short walk to the mirror for any corrections to my gate if needed.
I've come a long way and some to go!

- June Allen, St Marys Bay

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