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Helen Leahy

Founder and Director

A childhood spent studying ballet technique prepared Helen for the graceful stretching and body movement of Pilates. Her interest in Authentic Pilates began on a personal level while living in America. Helen became a fully certified Authentic Pilates Method instructor in 2006, after being inspired to complete the Pilates Instructor Apprenticeship in New York, under Master Teachers Romana Kryzanowska and Sari Mejia Santo. Since Helen established True Pilates in 2007, she’s become a sought after teacher, carving a strong reputation for her personalised sessions and her flawless technical skills.

Helen’s clients find it easy to relate to her charismatic personality. Helen will guide you through the classes with an enjoyable approach, while challenging you to get the most from the session.

Rose Castro Castillo

Rose comes from the beautiful country of Chile in South America, and has been in NZ since 2016.

While she’s far away from home and family, Rose has found in NZ more than a few reasons to be happy.

Rose grew up to become a star developing skills in dance, music and performing arts. She studied at Drama School and for many years traveled around the world working as an actress, dancer, Zumba instructor, singer and entertainer. 

She connected with the Pilates Method in 2008 while studying circus arts. Pilates made a big impact in her life, helping her to develop a healthier and stronger body to be able to achieve more things in her career. She not only gains strength and control, but also balance and confidence.

When Rose arrived in NZ the opportunity to become a Pilates Instructor finally arrived. 

Rose is in love with the system and is eager to share the goodness of a great workout with her clients. She has a vibrant and easy going personality, great attention to details, is caring and highly motivational. She truly believes that the most rewarding part of teaching Pilates is that she can help people to live happier and healthier lives.

Rose Castro Castillo

Rebecca Greenough

Rebecca’s journey into the health and wellness industry began when she was a child. Suffering from extreme migraines, Rebecca’s mother took her to see Osteopaths, Acupuncturists and Naturopaths to bring her back to full health.

In the 20 years that Rebecca has worked in the industry, she has followed both Eastern and Western medicine and philosophy, and is passionate about the human body and mind. Highly qualified, Rebecca has diplomas in remedial massage, aromatherapy, cranial sacral and myofascial release, Thai massage, basic Shiatsu, integrated body works, plus she’s a qualified Pilates' instructor.

Much of Rebecca’s work has been alongside Osteopaths, working as a massage therapist and exercise therapist in their practice.

Rebecca Greenough

Tamar Lazarus

Attracted to massage in order to understand preventive medicine and maintain wellbeing, Tamar holds a Diploma in Therapeutic and Remedial Massage from the Wellpark College of Natural Therapies.

Tamar believes in the far-reaching and ongoing positive effects of massage to help with injury prevention, mind and body relaxation and restoration. Focused on integrating the many methods of body work, Tamara uses neuromuscular techniques, acupressure, sports, mayo-fascial, reflexology and lymphatic drainage, amongst others, to assist the body in its natural self-repairing and restoring ability.

A keen sports enthusiast, Tamara has provided massages to competitors in the Auckland marathon, World Masters Games, the NZ Breakers and the Tall Ferns.

Tamar Lazarus


At Helen’s side, you’ll often find the unofficial studio receptionist and gentle welcoming committee rolled into one – Daisy, a friendly Boxer, with her big smile and a wiggly body that demonstrates her enthusiasm. On other days though, she might just gaze at you from her comfy bed as she relaxes while you’re working your body and mind.


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